Rebate Fulfillment

Rebate Bus offers full-service incentive management in partnership with businesses implementing energy efficient solutions for their customers or themselves.
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Commercial Rebate Fulfillment

Let our experienced commercial fulfillment team manage the utility incentive application process for your projects. Free up time for you and your team to do what they do best: sell product and close deals! Rebate Bus will facilitate the paperwork from start to finish and maximize rebate dollars for your customers.

Whether you are managing a project with a single location or multiple, our team can also provide in-depth market intelligence services to pre-determine the added value rebates will have on your sales process.

Our Market Intelligence Services

Site Prioritization

Analyze project sites to determine which locations represent the most lucrative rebate opportunities.

Project Scoping

Identify rebate availability for locations on a regional or national level.

Industry Reports

Develop utility based reports that summarize key program details and rebate opportunities for specific product categories and model numbers.

Midstream Program Support for Commercial Lighting Vendors

Rebate Bus is a vendor representative and registered participant of midstream commercial lighting rebate programs offered by utilities nationwide. Our partner vendors are able to easily participate in programs by utilizing our instant rebate validation capabilities and our working relationships with the program administrators. We can validate your customer’s eligibility offline or online via access to our API or by integrating our instant rebate plugin on your eCommerce website.

Residential Program Support for Retailers

The Retail Residential Program Managers at Rebate Bus administer a portfolio of manufacturers whose customers receive instant rebates at participating retailers.

Our team can oversee the process of having your products discounted through residential rebate programs.